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Blakely Page

Founder & Presidentr

Wayne, PA

Blakely Page is the Founder & President at Spouting Rock Financial Partners.

Blakely Page stands as a paragon of leadership and philanthropic excellence, with a storied career that spans across various sectors including finance, education, and charitable endeavors. As a seasoned professional with deep roots in the financial industry, Blakely’s strategic acumen is matched only by his commitment to fostering character and community service.

Professional Excellence

Blakely Page has carved a niche in the financial world, with a notable presence in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond. His expertise in capital management is reflected in his role at Spouting Rock Capital Advisors, where his strategic insights drive organizational success. His professional journey is marked by a series of strategic decisions and leadership roles that have not only propelled his organizations forward but also contributed to the financial sector’s innovation and growth.

Educational Contributions

A staunch advocate for education, Blakely’s philanthropic efforts are evident in his generous contributions to prestigious institutions such as Agnes Irwins, Taft School, Lawrenceville School, Southern Methodist University, Trinity College, and the University of Virginia. His support extends beyond financial contributions, as he actively engages in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow through his involvement with the Jefferson Scholars Foundation.

Veteran Support

Blakely’s dedication to veteran causes is unwavering. He has been instrumental in establishing the NYC gym for Merging Veterans and Players, a testament to his commitment to providing support and resources to those who have served. His efforts ensure that veterans have the opportunities and community they need to thrive post-service.

Awards and Recognition

The impact of Blakely’s work has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, he was honored with the HeartShare Humanitarian Award, a recognition of his significant contributions to the welfare of others. His status as a PAM Rising Star further underscores his influence and the respect he commands in his professional and philanthropic circles.

Character-Based Initiatives

Blakely’s passion for character development is perhaps most vividly illustrated in his founding role with the Friends of Nick Scholarship. This initiative, inspired by his godfather Nick Forstmann, underscores the importance of character in scholarship, emphasizing integrity, kindness, and community impact as pillars for selection.

Online Presence and Influence

While Blakely Page maintains a selective online presence, his LinkedIn profile and Instagram account offer glimpses into his professional life and philanthropic activities. Notably absent from platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook, Blakely chooses to focus his digital footprint on platforms that align with his professional and philanthropic ethos.

In Summary

Blakely Page is more than a financial strategist; he is a beacon of character, leadership, and philanthropy. His contributions to education, support for veterans, and advocacy for character-based initiatives reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of integrity and service. As he continues to serve on committees like the Jefferson Scholars Selection Committee, his influence shapes not only the financial landscape but also the very fabric of community and character development.

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